Rest Public

This chapter describes the Rest Public interface based on OpenLayers architecture. In case you are a win 2003 user, you would need to alter the current IIS settings to use Rest public.

In this chapter...

w       Introduction

w       Rest Public Features


Rest Public interface is based on the OpenLayers architecture. It can be viewed on most recent web browsers, with no server-side dependency. It supports various features of Exponare public such as, selections, queries, views and other features like tile based rendering, and intuitive base layer options etc. to bring the best of both the offerings.

This release of Rest Public is well tested to support Firefox, Google chrome, IE 8, 9, 10, 11 and Safari browsers.

Some of the distinguished key features of Rest Public are:

      Tile based map rendering

      Set layer translucency on the fly

      Drag and drop to order layers

      Draw and print annotations

      Intuitive slide able/ dock able panels

      Print measurement records

      Support for Google chrome

      Base layer options

Figure: Rest Public