Exponare on mobile is a map service that allows users to access mapping and business data at the convenience of your mobile browser. Though this service is designed to run on all Android and iOS mobile browsers, but with Exponare 5.0 and above it has been tested and verified for iPhone and iPad default browser. It can be run on a mobile browser with a URL:

http://<Exponare machine IP address or name>/<virtual root directory of exponare in IIS or server>/Mobile.aspx

The new interface provides the user with the following:-

      Authorozed Access - Exponare mobile now also comes with authorized access. You have to give user name and password to access the authorized application. Public Users can keep accessing the old mobile URL as they use to do it earlier.

      OpenLayers - Integrating OpenLayers architecture and MapXtreme as an underlying engine, the map is ready for analysis. Now you can instantly access and analyze your data with reference layers of choice on mobile itself.

      Home - The Home button resets the view to the starting view for the Work Context.

      Quick Info - Quick Info is similar to "Point Select" in Exponare Enquiry where detailed information is displayed for the selected feature on the map.

      Layer - The Layer tab displays information for all of the layers loaded in the current work context. User can control settings for visibility of these layers. The base layer can also be changed to the Bing Aerial, Bing Road , Bing Hybrid and None as desired by the user.

      Query - Queries tab allow you to make selections based on criteria, rather than having to point and click to select features visually.  If you make selections by running a query, the information is displayed on the maps.

      Measure- This tab is used to measure both distances and area on the map. Calculated distance or area will be displayed on top of the map.

      Search Results - This functionality provides information for data queried or map features selected using Info Select. Each data bind is a set of data that describes the feature, such as its owner, planning details or spatial information.

Below is the default view when user hits the Exponare mobile:

Figure: Exponare Mobile